Our Ugly House

Month: September 2015

3 beers later and we have a new sink

First things first… You should know this about me. I like to drink. Not in the, “I have a problem sort of way”, but more in the “why yes, I will have a few more sort of way”. Frankly, getting through a DIY wedding, and purchasing our first house has led to quite a few “yes please, I will have a few or 10 more”.

This last week has been our staycation honeymoon filled with packing, old horror movies, and lots of brunch. I finally made it outside to meet a good friend for beers/lunch today. Just a few blocks from our watering hole of choice is the most amazing recycled building materials store: The ReBuilding Center. This place is a DIYer’s dream filled with old wood, vintage doors/windows, an entire warehouse of bathroom sinks, and don’t even get me started on the lighting section. But I digress…. Ok, 3 beers and a delish veggie burger later I convinced my most bestest man friend Mario to accompany me on a journey through the ReBuilding Center. I hadn’t even made it through the front door when a gleaming hunk of white ceramic caught my eye. I rushed over and guarded this potential treasure like a dragon protects it’s baby egg. This indeed was a farmhouse sink and it was going to be mine. This sink was seriously my dream minus the dirt and a chip on the corner. I tracked down a staff member and haggled the price to $40. FORTY FREAKING DOLLARS.

I took my little babe zone sink home, sprayed her off on the lawn…. and voila. Baller sink on a budget. My kitchen status just leveled up, big time. Can’t wait to get her into the new house. Woooooo!


Welcome to our ugly house!

Our final paperwork has been submitted, and if all goes well we will have keys in hand to our very first home mid October. Curtis (my dreamy husband) and I had quite a go trying to find a new home. We submitted 12 offers, and finally our 13th offer was accepted.

My advice for anyone new to the home buying field: Find an amazing realtor. We worked with our first realtor for 4 months. He was super nice, but ultimately we knew he wasn’t the right fit. We broke up, which was actually really hard. We loved his personality and felt guilt for the hours of time we had worked together. After our “separation” we decided to hold off on the house hunt until after our wedding. Of course, as life would have it those plans changed. Out of nowhere a new realtor fell into our laps. She was young, driven, and had a baller track record. We signed with her and in 2 weeks we had our offer accepted…. lucky number 13!

Our new home to be is 2500 sqft of old lady chic decor with sprawling shag carpet (no joke, it looks like someone stuck the muppets in a blender), terrible old wallpaper, and no 70’s house would be complete without muddy brown wood paneling in every room…EVERY ROOM. As soon as we get the keys I will be posting a full walk-through so everyone can see the hot mess we are about to call home. Wish us luck, and welcome to our ugly house.

<3 KZ