First things first… You should know this about me. I like to drink. Not in the, “I have a problem sort of way”, but more in the “why yes, I will have a few more sort of way”. Frankly, getting through a DIY wedding, and purchasing our first house has led to quite a few “yes please, I will have a few or 10 more”.

This last week has been our staycation honeymoon filled with packing, old horror movies, and lots of brunch. I finally made it outside to meet a good friend for beers/lunch today. Just a few blocks from our watering hole of choice is the most amazing recycled building materials store: The ReBuilding Center. This place is a DIYer’s dream filled with old wood, vintage doors/windows, an entire warehouse of bathroom sinks, and don’t even get me started on the lighting section. But I digress…. Ok, 3 beers and a delish veggie burger later I convinced my most bestest man friend Mario to accompany me on a journey through the ReBuilding Center. I hadn’t even made it through the front door when a gleaming hunk of white ceramic caught my eye. I rushed over and guarded this potential treasure like a dragon protects it’s baby egg. This indeed was a farmhouse sink and it was going to be mine. This sink was seriously my dream minus the dirt and a chip on the corner. I tracked down a staff member and haggled the price to $40. FORTY FREAKING DOLLARS.

I took my little babe zone sink home, sprayed her off on the lawn…. and voila. Baller sink on a budget. My kitchen status just leveled up, big time. Can’t wait to get her into the new house. Woooooo!


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