Today was seriously the most intense day. I met with our realtor to obtain the KEYS TO OUR HOUSE! Thats’s right. With these keys, we be wed, to a house. Forever… or until we pay it off/sell it. Let me reiterate. A bank, or some institution deemed us worthy (after the most painful torture month ever) to own a house. And suddenly, we have keys. I REPEAT. WE HAVE KEYS. Ok, I am flying on adrenaline, oil based wall primer, and like 3 beers. Don’t judge my over excessive caps.

Night one we primed all the wood paneling in the living room, and spackled the seams on the wallpaper. Notice the main wall in the back, the one with the door to the kitchen? We are tearing that wall down. Why we decided to spackle the entire thing? You know…. because we are dumb. Please excuse my crap pictures, I promise I will bring my good camera tomorrow.


Spackle be done!



Finally. I have been stressed about the floors. There are gorgeous hardwoods in the living room/dining room under that mess of a pepto pink carpet. When we pulled up a corner of the carpet in the bedroom there was linoleum under the shag nightmare. Who puts freaking linoleum in a bedroom? We were told by the house inspector it was very like the linuliom had asbestos under it and to leave it be. So the options: put hardwoods or carpet over it. Being the stubborn, I don’t like hearing no kind of girl I am, I decided to tear up the carpet just to see. HOLY CRAP! There are hardwoods under there you guys, and one weird 2″ strip of linoleum around the entire perimeter of the room. Best discovery yet.




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