We had our first full weekend of house work, and homey don’t play…. we got some serious stuff done. We have a week to do some of the big work before we need to move from our rental house into the new house. I like to set lofty, totally unattainable¬†goals for myself because I like grey hair (it’s in style, right?).

This weekend we finished painting all the walls in the living room/dining room, minus the ceiling and wood paneling, both of which need a final coat and they will be finished. I have some amazing friends who came out and gifted their time and labor to help make that shiz a reality. I opted for a black accent wall that turned out pretty sexy… I love the dark color. Note my incredibly safe and high tech ladder! Seriously kids, don’t try this at home.



The walls went from mint green, and forest green floral wall paper to a perfect shade of white. “White Shoulders” to be exact was the paint color (sounds like dandruff shampoo to me). Then the demo began. Down came the wall separating the living room from the kitchen. Hello open floor plan!! Also, I have amazing parents. You will be seeing a lot of them around these parts. How cute are my dad and Curtis, tearing down walls!? Oh, and we exposed the old furnace brick chimney in the kitchen. Meow!






Next steps:

– Finish painting ceilings.
– Crawl around on my hands and knees and remove every damn staple holding down the miles of carpet pad.
– Scrape glued carpet pad.
– Drink
– Hang curtains or bed sheet to hide from creepy neighbor!




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