It’s 6:30am and I am standing in Portland airport Starbucks line silently debating if they will judge my potential order of two large coffees, a sausage breakfast sando, and maybe like, two cream cheese breakfast pastries. I’m bloody exhausted from working on the house until midnight last night. Buying a house was on the goals list, so don’t mistake my total lack of current enthusiasm for me not be totally stoked to be a home owner. The truth is I just didn’t realize it would be so much hard work. I would look on Pinterest and see a million DIY’s that seemed so easy… and do it yourself-able. And then you do them, and you live in a house full of sheet rock dust, and stain fumes, and sometimes you fight with your husband over things like which paint color to go with. “White Shoulders” or “Luna Moon”. (Also, who the F names paint? “Luna Moon”??? Doesn’t that just basically mean “Moon Moon”?!?) …. and then you get tired. OK I AM TIRED AND IT IS HARD, GET OFF MY BACK!!! I am going to chug a couple coffees. In the mean time look at all the pretty here:

IMG_2174The wall came down… Goodbye wall, we don’t need you anymore. And all that lovely brown junk? Peel and stick carpet residue. How do you get it off? Scrape until you can’t feel your fingers… It’s awesome!

IMG_2973Fingers = numb


IMG_2203Ok, it sucked to scrape off… but damn son. Look at that floor!





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