Our Ugly House

Month: December 2015

I made this.


So it turns out I do have readers… or I guess a reader (thanks Caty). House stuff is slow goings. It feels like when you try to run in a dream; no matter how hard you try you just sort of drag your lead feet through ankle deep jello. That is how I feel about our house project. In the mean time while I make little to no actual progress I decided to make a Mid Century Brass Chandelier.  I wanted to share this DIY for two reasons:

1) I am super proud and it is legit badass.
2) It was wayyyyyy easier then expected, and I hope it inspires anyone who has been fearful to work with electrical to give it a go. (Spoilers, you can do it)

I was super into the Odyssey 4 Chandelier made by Schoolhouse Electric. It is brass, modern, and super dreamy. Alas, the $349 price tag doesn’t quite fit into my cheap I-just-had-a-wedding-and-purchased-a-house budget. I did some quick searching and couldn’t find anywhere local that had the parts, so I bought them online from Grand Brass. Here is the individual pieces list:


For a play by play on how to connect everything, this is a great tutorial from Little Green Notebook.


IMG_2584 copy


Get it peeps, seriously… you can do it!

Let there be gas

I am fairly certain not a single person actually reads this… so I could say terrible things. Shit! See, not a single person saw. When a tree falls in the forest, does someone hear it? The answer is no, no one hears a damn thing. You are a lonely tree in a forest, stupid. Regardless of any person reading a single word of this, I write because it makes me feel better. So to the nobodies that are not reading, enjoy.

Getting married has proved to be amazing, and also super freaking hard. After you have a wedding you essentially clean up an atomic bomb that destroyed your prior life. Personally I enjoy pain and suffering, thus decided to multiply my wedding life bomb with home ownership/remodeling. If you are reading this, and you are about to get married but considering buying a house please listen to me. DO NOT DO IT. I repeat: abort, abort.

I am three months in. I work a full time at a rather hectic design job. When I get home from my 8ish hour day, I work a few more hours. I paint. I screw shit in. I sand, and dust, and try to live a life of normalcy. It is basically the worst.

Enough of the rant. Here is the progress: We ran a gas line from the furnace into the kitchen, and finally I have a thing to cook things on. Also, we hung some sheetrock.

I turned into Krampus and decided I didn’t want Christmas shit because my house still looks like a hot mess. Enter mama bear Bottini. See below for how she brought the Christmas spirit into my sad home.

Let there be gas!! I finally have a shiny new range!

And my new fridge. It could probably fit a keg, which is just my style.

And remember that wall with cracked plaster and two types of cray paint? Bye byatch.

Thanks mom. My house looks festive because of you!


to every single person not reading.