We had seven full days to spend in Kyoto which could have easily occupied all of our time. After our stay in Kyoto we were headed to a small town outside of Osaka to wrap up in a traditional Ryokan for some relaxing after our non-top adventuring. When we booked our trip we opted to purchase a JR Pass which gives foreigners unlimited access to most of the country using the rail/bus/ferry systems. We decided to take a few day trips to get the most bang for our buck. Miyajima Island was the most epic, hands down.

Our recent highlights included Curtis getting attacked by a giant Cicada, me enjoying the best fresh oysters of my life/guzzling local craft brew, being treated like locals at our fave Tonkatsu joint (ok we ate there 3x, no shame in our game), and walking over a 100 miles through this crazy beautiful place with my person. I have laughed until it hurt everday. We both stepped out of our comfort zones, and to share that journey side by side is everything. It’s all I could have hoped for in this: “get it together people, time to move on journey”. Adventure pics below:

xo, k

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