Almost a year ago, we bought this gorgeous hunk of shag carpet, wood paneling, and horrific wallpaper. This was a grandma’s wonderland, but no longer. After some really killer weekends of all night madness, I am pleased to announce we have wrapped on phase one of The Zinn-tini make-over. To recap, we have gutted and remodeled every room in the house minus the bathroom and basement. We intend on tackling those next year after a few months of rest.

The last weekend was final touches. We hung wallpaper in the hallway from Hygge & West, had the new carpet installed (again, thanks so much for the shit show Home Depot), and finally took on the daunting task of drilling through the kitchen back splash to hang some open shelving… oh, and we bought a wine fridge. Why? Because chilled rosé. All day, every day. Also Home Depot owed us some scrilla form the botched carpet install.

This was my first time installing wallpaper and it was easy as pie. It was not nearly as messy or difficult as expected. See below to the install process and final touches!

This specific brand of wallpaper comes unpasted. First you measure and cut your pieces, then apply paste to the the back with a standard paint roller. You fold the wallpaper in half and let the paste soak in.
After the paste has soaked in (10 minutes per piece), you apply to the wall smoothing out from the center to remove any air bubbles.
As you apply use a sponge to wipe up any extra paste that squeezes out.

img_5827And the final look after everything was complete:

The open shelves are pieces from the original cabinets we tore off this wall.

Now excuse us while we hibernate for a bit!




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  1. Konnie
    September 14, 2016 at 11:33 am (3 years ago)

    Looks nice …I almost thought the wallpaper you could color it as desired. It all looks great ..


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