Our Ugly House


The dishes are done dude

…. Cause we finally have a dishwasher and garbage disposal!!

My plates are so grease free! My glasses sparkle like diamonds! There isn’t a pile of food scraps turning my sink into a swamp because I couldn’t flush that nasty stuff down the drain!!! I have been waiting for this day since we moved in to this house. Three people cooking and eating multiple times a day creates a mess of dishes that needed to be hand washed. The Jenga pile of drying dishes lives no longer. Alas, my countertops are barren and open like a big field. All hail my dad, he is the ruler of all dads. Instead of stuffing his face with tacos/beer while relaxing on the couch enjoying the Superbowl he crawled around under my sink for two days to make this dream a reality. I am lucky, like insanely lucky to have such generous parents.

We had to raise the countertops a bit to level them (just another part of my house that was clearly installed by a drunk person). They are now so pretty, covered in classy plywood. The next step will be installing the new butcher block countertops sometime in the next month. Of course there were hiccups, and about 20 trips to Home Depot. Another step down, and suddenly it feels like we are getting closer!

Check it out:
We removed the old sink and plumbing, only to find the pipes were so old and rusted they just broke off…. whoops.

We had to cut back even further trying to find a place to start the new pipe after our rusty bit snapped off.

The short version of this story is my dad built a brace and dropped in the new farmhouse sink.

We had some pipe issues, but we were able to get the new 1 horsepower garbage disposal in. We went with the Waste King L-8000 …That thing could eat a whole turkey. Not even joking, this disposal is a total beast.

The edges of our current countertops needed to be trimmed back to allow for the new countertops to drop over. At this point all hell broke loose and my house was covered in dust…. again.

Always wear your face masks kids. Dusty lungs are no fun.

We added plywood as our temporary countertops and there you have it.



I’m not bossy, I’m the boss.

Life is a whirlwind; a tricky balancing act that sometimes feels like a bad circus. As our last year wrapped up, I hoped and dreamed for more time. More time to see my friends, more time to work on the house, more time to practice creating, more time with my husband, more time to sleep, more time to play with my dog, more time to spend adventuring. But as life would have it, there is no time… or all the time in the world, depending on how you look at it. My focus this year is balance, and learning the art of how to say no. Instead of being streched thin and wishing for more time, I hope to have more quality with the time I have. Being an alpha female has many perks, and living in the fast lane is one of them. I have lived my life maximizing every moment, from down time to crunch time. I am always on the go, and lead a crazy social life. My mom gently laughs when we talk each day. I give her the play by play on how every second of my week is filled with some activity, and then melt into a pile or worn out, overwhelmed mush. She laughs with that knowing laugh, the laugh that says “you know you should stop doing everything, it’s too much… but we both know you won’t”.

Slowly I am trying to practice my life balance. I am trying to listen to my body when it begins to collapse. If I say “no” to you, it’s not because I don’t want to. Believe me, when I say “no” my body has a visceral reaction and I want to scream “yes”! Know that my “no”, is in hopes of a more quality me when I get to the “yes”. I have to be the bossy one, so that I can be the boss. No one is going to take care of this shit but me. (I am channeling my inner Beyoncé so freaking hard).

It is no secret that our house has truly been a huge time sucker. I am throwing up some side by sides to see the before and after progress. We are far from done (like years from done), but we have done work in the past 4 months. Here we go:






Fussy Feelings

Curtis and I have been shopping for tile non stop without finding anything that fits into the venn diagram between love and afford. We had this vision of dark, almost black herringbone tile in the kitchen. This morning we went to Home Depot and found this tile we both agreed on. It was way different than our original concept, but it was cheap and it was weird; it seemed perfectly our style. We loaded up 700 pounds into the Subaru just as is started to hail (dear mother nature, you are a real jerk). After lugging our tile into our house, I took a wine/friend break for a few hours. When I got home I was fueled by booze to make things happen… and the first step was to remove everything from the semi done kitchen so I could rage tear out the linoleum. At some point I asked Curtis for more beer, and when he left shit got real.

There is something that happens to me when I start doing something labor intensive. It’s a gut reaction that completely takes over and I hulk out. I get really mad, and swear and act like a total nut. I was sweating, and yelling, and seriously tearing the floor up like a crazy person. I had a million splinters, but it was amazing. Curtis got home and I felt like I had been on vacation. Doing hardcore damage is pretty therapeutic… or maybe I am insane.



This is my “I am a badass, and also have so many splinters” face.IMG_2364

We hauled our trash out to the carport and started a dry run on our herringbone pattern. It’s dreamy, and I love it.IMG_2375


I must sleep now.

Hunger Games

The last few weeks have been less project oriented and more get our sh*t out of boxes so we can live a semi normal life again. Originally the misplaced necessities led to an ultra fun game titled: “Have you seen my this, do you know where my this is, please for the love of all things holy help me find this?” (That was dripping with sarcasm). After living out of boxes and eating take out nightly, we decided to take a tiny break on the updates and just get things slightly settled. We also cleared the carport of shag carpet and demo debris. So much fun. Really. (I am lying).





Another insane thing to note: I got married about 2 months ago, and bought a house about 1 1/2 months ago, and I understand those are both very adult things. But do you know what is more adult!? Do you???? I will tell you. Buying brand new, grown up as bleep APPLIANCES! Shiny, stainless steel, never been used by some shady craigslist character appliances. The Home Depot Black Friday sale started last week and the deals are like, crazy. I demanded Curtis and I go in and buy every last thing we could fit into our new kitchen. In my haste I forgot the important detail of getting the floor finished in the kitchen before we lug in a bajillion pounds of baller cooking status equipment. That means between now and the weekend before Thanksgiving we need to procure tile, cute tile, and lay tile.

Just like that we are back in the Hunger Games of kitchen remodeling. (See what I did there? Hunger Games? Kitchen? I am just a kick).


Those floors though

It’s 6:30am and I am standing in Portland airport Starbucks line silently debating if they will judge my potential order of two large coffees, a sausage breakfast sando, and maybe like, two cream cheese breakfast pastries. I’m bloody exhausted from working on the house until midnight last night. Buying a house was on the goals list, so don’t mistake my total lack of current enthusiasm for me not be totally stoked to be a home owner. The truth is I just didn’t realize it would be so much hard work. I would look on Pinterest and see a million DIY’s that seemed so easy… and do it yourself-able. And then you do them, and you live in a house full of sheet rock dust, and stain fumes, and sometimes you fight with your husband over things like which paint color to go with. “White Shoulders” or “Luna Moon”. (Also, who the F names paint? “Luna Moon”??? Doesn’t that just basically mean “Moon Moon”?!?) …. and then you get tired. OK I AM TIRED AND IT IS HARD, GET OFF MY BACK!!! I am going to chug a couple coffees. In the mean time look at all the pretty here:

IMG_2174The wall came down… Goodbye wall, we don’t need you anymore. And all that lovely brown junk? Peel and stick carpet residue. How do you get it off? Scrape until you can’t feel your fingers… It’s awesome!

IMG_2973Fingers = numb


IMG_2203Ok, it sucked to scrape off… but damn son. Look at that floor!





One weekend down

We had our first full weekend of house work, and homey don’t play…. we got some serious stuff done. We have a week to do some of the big work before we need to move from our rental house into the new house. I like to set lofty, totally unattainable goals for myself because I like grey hair (it’s in style, right?).

This weekend we finished painting all the walls in the living room/dining room, minus the ceiling and wood paneling, both of which need a final coat and they will be finished. I have some amazing friends who came out and gifted their time and labor to help make that shiz a reality. I opted for a black accent wall that turned out pretty sexy… I love the dark color. Note my incredibly safe and high tech ladder! Seriously kids, don’t try this at home.



The walls went from mint green, and forest green floral wall paper to a perfect shade of white. “White Shoulders” to be exact was the paint color (sounds like dandruff shampoo to me). Then the demo began. Down came the wall separating the living room from the kitchen. Hello open floor plan!! Also, I have amazing parents. You will be seeing a lot of them around these parts. How cute are my dad and Curtis, tearing down walls!? Oh, and we exposed the old furnace brick chimney in the kitchen. Meow!






Next steps:

– Finish painting ceilings.
– Crawl around on my hands and knees and remove every damn staple holding down the miles of carpet pad.
– Scrape glued carpet pad.
– Drink
– Hang curtains or bed sheet to hide from creepy neighbor!