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Ikea Hack

It’s been mighty quiet

It has been a second since our last house update. Things have been slowly moving along, but with my parents traveling quite a bit the last month our big projects have been put on hold. I have also turned into a 96 year old lady named Dorris who enjoys naps and prunes… more on that later. Here are some photos of what we have been doing since our last update.

IMG_3159First things first, I built this amazing shelf system and we finally have a place for our books, art, etc. It was the first big step that made our house feel like a home. I am attaching a parts list if anyone is interested, and the blog I used for inspiration. Constructing it was a snap, getting the pieces together was a pain in the ass.


Parts and tips:

We used 1×12 pine for the shelves, and Home Depot can trim them to whatever size length you need. I stained them with Minwax Walnut stain, and then sealed them. We measured where the pipes should go and how far the would stick out from the wall and then drilled holes for the boards to slip through with a 1 1/4″ drill bit.

Pipe list (everything was for 3/4 galvanized pipe):
– (8) Base Flanges
– (18) 3 way Tees
– (22) 90° Elbows
– (13) 12″ nipple (hehe)
– (1) 40″ nipple (they will need to cut this size and thread it for you)
– (4) 24″ nipple
– (18) 6″ nipple
– (8) 8″ nipple


We have also made some progress in the kitchen, and the biggest step was drying fitting our new Oak butcher block countertops. Yes the pictures are awful and sort of orange, but it was shot in a hurry. Hopefully these will be installed by the end of April, and then we can install the backsplash.


Ikea Mid Century Modern Credenza Hack

IMG_2750I have been on the hunt for a mid century credenza since we moved into the new house. I dreamed of having a monster size piece with warm teak and lovely vintage lines… Alas, that dream piece of furniture costs more than I bring in with a single paycheck. My only option is win the lottery, or craft one myself. It appears some jerks won the lottery, so it was time to get crafty.

I have scoured the internet in search of a hack that would save me some money but still look classy af. Pinterest proved yet again to be a source of inspiration, and with my dad’s help we came up with a lovely hack. I bring ideas, he brings solutions… we are the dream team of crafts ladies and gents. Check out the inspiration:


And here is the play by play on how I made mine:

I bought this tv cabinet from Ikea for $279. I liked the overall structure but the legs are pretty awful and I the all white body was a little stark for my taste. I purchased a roll of Walnut veneer from Crosscut Hardwoods for $62.

We removed the drawer and cabinet doors and roughed them up with a 220 grit sandpaper to help the veneer adhere. While I sanded, my dad began trimming the veneer to fit each surface.

While my Dad prepped the veneer, I got the new legs ready by adding furniture screws, and staining them to a nice dark walnut color.
Look at my cute fam in the background.

We peeled off the backing and applied the veneer to each of the surfaces using a rolling pin to ensure there were no bubbles. My dad made a small cut with a utility knife on each corner so we could fold the veneer around each edge.

Next, we did a light sand around the edges to remove any splintered wood bits.

We wiped down the doors to remove any dust, and applied a few coats of Wipe-On Poly. The Walnut suddenly went from grey-ish blah color to a deep, rich tone.

While the poly cured my dad used a metal cutting blade to saw off the original legs. He then drilled holes for the new legs and we screwed those suckers in.

Once the poly was dry we slid the drawer back in, and screwed in the doors. The new piece looks so much better than I could have expected. Swoon… another crazy project down.