Our Ugly House


Fussy Feelings

Curtis and I have been shopping for tile non stop without finding anything that fits into the venn diagram between love and afford. We had this vision of dark, almost black herringbone tile in the kitchen. This morning we went to Home Depot and found this tile we both agreed on. It was way different than our original concept, but it was cheap and it was weird; it seemed perfectly our style. We loaded up 700 pounds into the Subaru just as is started to hail (dear mother nature, you are a real jerk). After lugging our tile into our house, I took a wine/friend break for a few hours. When I got home I was fueled by booze to make things happen… and the first step was to remove everything from the semi done kitchen so I could rage tear out the linoleum. At some point I asked Curtis for more beer, and when he left shit got real.

There is something that happens to me when I start doing something labor intensive. It’s a gut reaction that completely takes over and I hulk out. I get really mad, and swear and act like a total nut. I was sweating, and yelling, and seriously tearing the floor up like a crazy person. I had a million splinters, but it was amazing. Curtis got home and I felt like I had been on vacation. Doing hardcore damage is pretty therapeutic… or maybe I am insane.



This is my “I am a badass, and also have so many splinters” face.IMG_2364

We hauled our trash out to the carport and started a dry run on our herringbone pattern. It’s dreamy, and I love it.IMG_2375


I must sleep now.

3 beers later and we have a new sink

First things first… You should know this about me. I like to drink. Not in the, “I have a problem sort of way”, but more in the “why yes, I will have a few more sort of way”. Frankly, getting through a DIY wedding, and purchasing our first house has led to quite a few “yes please, I will have a few or 10 more”.

This last week has been our staycation honeymoon filled with packing, old horror movies, and lots of brunch. I finally made it outside to meet a good friend for beers/lunch today. Just a few blocks from our watering hole of choice is the most amazing recycled building materials store: The ReBuilding Center. This place is a DIYer’s dream filled with old wood, vintage doors/windows, an entire warehouse of bathroom sinks, and don’t even get me started on the lighting section. But I digress…. Ok, 3 beers and a delish veggie burger later I convinced my most bestest man friend Mario to accompany me on a journey through the ReBuilding Center. I hadn’t even made it through the front door when a gleaming hunk of white ceramic caught my eye. I rushed over and guarded this potential treasure like a dragon protects it’s baby egg. This indeed was a farmhouse sink and it was going to be mine. This sink was seriously my dream minus the dirt and a chip on the corner. I tracked down a staff member and haggled the price to $40. FORTY FREAKING DOLLARS.

I took my little babe zone sink home, sprayed her off on the lawn…. and voila. Baller sink on a budget. My kitchen status just leveled up, big time. Can’t wait to get her into the new house. Woooooo!